Job: General Coordinator, Logistics/Administrative Coordinator, National Administrator, Mental Health Nurse, Medical Team Leader, Psychological Assistant, Assistant Logistics Officer, Drivers, and House Keeper/Cook

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Title General Coordinator, Logistics/Administrative Coordinator, National Administrator, Mental Health Nurse, Medical Team Leader, Psychological Assistant, Assistant Logistics Officer, Drivers, and House Keeper/Cook
Categories Administrative, Healthcare, Hospitality, Logistics, Project Management, Transportation
End Date Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Location Liberia
Médecins Du Monde France mission in Liberia is recruiting qualified individuals for the following Positions:
  1. General Coordinator.
  2. Logistic & Administrative Coordinator.
  3. National Administrator.
  4. Nurse–Mental Health.
  5. Medical team Leader.
  6. Psychology.
  7. Assistant Logistic Officer
  8. Drivers (3 positions)
  9. House helper/Cook (3 positions)

Responsibilities and essential duties are below.

Brief Introduction:
Médecins du Monde, a French Non-Governmental Organisation, is currently implementing its activities in Health in the country.
Context and objective of the program:
In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, and local actors the project will focus on providing health care and psychosocial supports to the marginalized people living in the ghettos of Monrovia. Most of them live with communicable diseases, mental health disorders and psychosocial troubles such as depression, anxiety, stress, psycho-trauma psychological distress, and substance abuse. Most of the people living in the ghettos lack self-esteem, confidence, Sense of belonging in the society and sense of cleanliness.
It is to this background, that the intervention will be implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Health, civil society with the participation of beneficiaries in order to lay the foundations for a project fully committed to sustainability. Ultimately, the intervention will produce an impact on health and social status of the targeted group. The intervention aims to bring health care and psychosocial support in the ghettos, the living place of the direct beneficiaries through mobile clinics (Non-facility-based service delivery points– SDPs) strategy. A non-permanent and outside facility service will be implemented in partnership with the referral hospitals and Montserrado County Health and Social Health Team.
Available positions:
1.    General Coordinator
Under the supervision of the Desk Officer at the MDM HQ and the Board delegate for Liberia, the General Coordinator manages all the teams in Liberia. The General Coordinator designs program activities and supervises their implementation. He/she is the legal representatives of MDM in Liberia. He/she ensures the security of mission personnel and assets. He/she ensures compliance with the administrative and legal framework of the mission.
Essential duties:
Program Management:
  • To develop in collaboration with the Head Quarters and the Board delegate the yearly and mid-term strategies, and coordinate project activities.
Representation and coordination with national and international partners:
  • To represent MDM towards the main counterparts and humanitarian stakeholders (Ministry of Health , Montserrado County Health Team, UN agencies , INGO), and raise funds for the project
Legal, administrative and financial responsibilities:
  • To supervise all contractual agreements (premises, vehicles, fuel etc.) and official agreements with MoH and other partners (MoU), proper budgeting and use of funds, and respect of the Liberian laws and regulations in MDM
Team management:
  • To co-ordinate and support the national and international staff teams, ensuring that the individuals work effectively together with a good transversal collaboration and achieve the program objectives.
Security of persons and assets:
  • To liaise on a regular basis with UNMIL and other sources (press, internet, others) to analyse the security situation
  • To ensure internal reporting to the team, the HQ and the Board delegate, donor proposal and reports This list of activities is not exhaustive and may change depending on the situation.
Required skills:
  • Previous experience as General Coordinator or equivalent position
  • Strong abilities in program management and team coordination
  • Ability to represent MDM with local & national authorities, humanitarian stakeholders and donors
  • Experience in medical project management is an asset
  • Ability to work in a multicultural setting and as part of a team
  • Previous experience in West Africa is an asset
2.    Logistic & Administrative Coordinator
The Log/Admin Coordinator will work under the responsibility of the General Coordinator / Medical Coordinator. The Log/Admin Coordinator is in charge of the definition, implementation and follow-up of all MdM logistic and administrative procedures at mission level. He/she is in charge of the implementation,supervision and follow-up the logistic activities to facilitate the operational objectives of the project, with the resources, procedures and tools available. He/she assists the General Coordinator / Medical Coordinator in the implementation of the security rules.
Logistic tasks:
To ensure the supply for the project: reception of orders, selection of the procedures needed, purchasing, packaging, organizing transport and delivery:
Vehicle Fleet Management

  • Negotiate vehicle rental contracts, movement schedules, permanently ensure that all drivers have received general training and carry out regular testing.
Equipment Management
  • Update inventory in real time, distribution of materials and correct use of IT equipment
Storage Management
  • Ensure procedures are followed /checked in and out, Supervise monthly physical stock inventory.
Base Maintenance (guesthouse/office…)
  • Ensure the regular order for the guesthouse (food, water, cleaning products…)
  • Ensure the maintenance of the base (electricity, repairs). Depending on the problem, fix it with or without the owner.
Human Resource Management
  • Supervise the works of the logistic team by checking if they fill their commitments and their tasks properly. Train and supervise the logistics team (including evaluation)


  • Consolidate and submit monthly logistic report and annexes to GenCo / MedCo and final reports

Safety and Security

  • With the support of the Logistic officer, assist the GenCo / MedCo in assessing the security situation. on the project area and ensure that security rules are implemented, understood and followed by the team.
Administrative tasks:
Accountancy management:
  • Maintain the accountancy of the programs with the strictest respect of MdM procedures, elaborate regular cash requests for the program, and Manage MdM cash box for the program.
Financial management
  • Define and supervise the implementation of administrative procedures for the mission
  • Elaborate annual budgets and mid-year budget reviews (in collaboration with the programme team)
  • Elaborate monthly treasury forecasts, and MdM and donor budget follow-up and analysis
  • Donor financial reporting (according to donor rules)

HR and administrative management of National staff:

  • Supervise and build the capacities of the national administration team
  • Ensure the management of local staff with strictest respect of the law
  • Ensure the evaluation of the local staff, the definition and implementation of a training plan, competencies development plan
  • If necessary, handle together with the GenCo / MedCo, disciplinary actions as per MdM’s terms and conditions of engagement
  • Ensure the payment of MdM employees on due time and of social contributions of MdM as an employer (as soon as they will be required)
Skills required:
  • Technical skills in :supply chain, logistics and administration
  • Be aware that Logistic is also paperwork, excel files and word documents
  • Accounting and book keeping skills
3.    National Administrator
The National Administrator is under the supervision and reports to the Logistic & Administrative Coordinator. His/her responsibilities are:
  • Implementation and respect of administrative procedure.
  • Cash Management (cash movements, funds availability and funds security).
  • Liberia global accountancy checking.
  • Budget follow-up on a monthly analysis, under the supervision of the Administrative & logistic Coordinator.
  • In collaboration with the Administrative, and Logistic Coordinator prepare the funds request on a monthly basis.
  • Administrative management of the Human Resources (national and expatriate staff)
  • Assist the Administrative & Logistic Coordinator in the management of the administrative team
  • In charge of administrative follow up in ministries and other administrations.
  • In charge of checking taxes and social contributions payment.
  • BBA degree in administration or accounting from a recognized university.
  • Experienced in administration, and INGO accounting
  • Working knowledge of saga is an asset.
4.    Nurse Mental Health
The mental health nurse will work on mobile clinic and will assess patients and provide health care in the Ghettos of Monrovia.
Tasks and responsibilities:
  • Provide adequate primary care, stabilize patients when required, and refer patients when needed to referral hospitals.
  • Check the proper cleaning, sterilization and storage of dressing medical instruments
  • Dispensing of medications in accordance with the screeners prescription; monitor medication instructions given to patients;
  • Ensure mental health consultation without any kind of social, cultural or religious discrimination.
  • Assist in psychosocial rehabilitation, offer counseling, and facilitate family and social integration.
  • Collect and submit daily and monthly data using standard HMIS forms.
  • Participate in the writing of the Monthly report
  • Be flexible to carry out other tasks required by the position
  • Should be a Registered Nurse, who graduated from an accredited school of professional nursing, who had passed the National State board Exam of the Country with a current license to practice in Liberia.
  • Should be an experience Mental Health Nurse and experience of working with International NGO.
5.    Medical team leader
  • Create schedules for mobile clinic visits in collaboration with Mont CHSWT and referral hospitals
  • Do consultations, organize and implement primary health care and mental health activities in the ghettos
  • Supervise and support the medical team of the mobile clinic and submit a consolidated data and reports
  • Make follow up on patients along with other nurses in coordination with Mont CHSWT in the ghettos and the referral hospitals.
  • Plan workshops, meetings along with the al the stakeholders
  • Coordinate with the NGOs and health staff to create awareness.
  • Analyses and evaluate mental health nurse working in the field.
  • Should be a Physician Assistant, who graduated from an accredited school of professional nursing, who had passed the National State board Exam of the Country with a current license to practice in Liberia.
  • Should be an experience Mental Health Nurse and experience of working with International NGO
6.    Psychological Assistant
  • Provide individual psychological during outreach in the ghettos to the patient in confidentiality and keep accurate records of the consultations
  • Provide family counseling and group counseling in the ghettos
  • Contribute to the reduction of stigma on marginalized people , through awareness
  • Ensure a cordial relationship with marginalized people in the ghetto, and the medical staffs, or mobile clinic team.
  • Get involved in difficult patient-cases and support the team in adequate counseling
  • Submit a consolidated data and reports
BA degree in either of the social sciences /studies Eg. Sociology, psychology… ETC Should have an experience in Mental Health and must have worked with International NGO.
7.    Logistic Officer
The Logistic Officer is under the supervision of the Log/Admin Coordinator
  • Management of purchases – Local Purchases and Market survey in accordance with MDM Procurement procedure, and respect of the thresholds.
  • Management of the logistic team – Serves as line manager for other logistic staffs ( drivers, House helpers)
  • Management of the stock – frequent update of stock cards of items in, and out of stock, and request for replenishment as they become low.
  • Management of the equipments (Car, generator, radios)
  • Management of car’s movement – supervise the movement of personnel to and from base, and assignment of drivers as according to movement planning on a daily basis
  • Management of the security of the base – In coordination with the Log/Admin coordinator Responsible for all security issues of the base, and to report to the Log/Admin coordinator of extreme cases.
  • Management of administrative process linked with logistic activities.
  • The list is not exhaustive, and could be increased as deemed necessary by MDM
  • Experienced in Logistical functions, and previous experience with an INGO .
8.    DRIVER
The driver is under the supervision of, and reports to the logistician. At the same time, he will work in close collaboration with the various departments to allow the activities and movements to go smoothly. If the logistician is not present, he has to report to the Administrative & Logistics coordinator, and or the General Coordinator.
Essential duties:
  • The Driver is responsible for the safe transport, and security of MDM personnel, and MDM Goodson board.
  • Proper usage of the vehicle, cleaning, and small maintenance.
  • Communicate movement with base when outside of base.
  • The driver checks the vehicle at the beginning of his/her shift. He/she must fill the hand-over report at the beginning and at the end of the shift and sign it.
  • The driver checks the necessary documents for the vehicles: on their presence and their validity.
  • The driver keeps the vehicle logbook up to date. When fuelling the vehicle, makes sure to fill up both tanks and to write down the exact amount of fuel received as well as mileage at the time of fuelling. He signs the fuel book of the Storekeeper.
  • The driver fills in the Movements Book before and after each movement.
  • In case of a breakdown on the road, the driver analyses the problem, informs the logistics department and if necessary asks for help. While waiting for help, the Driver is responsible for the safety of the passengers and the equipment.

Required Skills:

  • Good experience of driving four wheel and heavy Vehicles with 3 years of experience is absolutely necessary, and Must be a licensed Driver.
9.    House Help/Cook (2) positions
The following, but not limited to are expected of the desirous candidate.
  • Responsible for cleaning the Guest houses.
  • Perform Laundry functions.
  • Purchase of fresh food, and preparation of full meals per day.
  • Storage of food, and Non food items.
  • Is responsible for all items, and equipment placed at his/her disposal.
  • Respect the instructions, and mandate given by Expatriates Staffs
  • Experienced with an INGO in similar capacity is an added advantage.
For all Positions, the following are required of the candidates:
  • Ability to work quickly, under pressure, and with short deadlines,
  • Necessity to manage priorities and to adapt them daily according to the context,
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing requirements,
  • Negotiation skills.
  • English Language Mandatory
  • Humanitarian Experience Mandatory.
  • Good Knowledge of Computer software
  • Ability to listen and share decisions
  • Flexibility, reactivity, anticipation, adaptability
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Good communication skills
Interested candidate should submit Curriculum vitae (C.V.), a letter of application, 3 references with contact numbers. Full details of job descriptions are available upon request.
For non-Liberian applicant, proof of work Permit from the Ministry of Labor must be submitted.
All applications should be addressed to the General Coordinator, Medecins Du Monde France, down 16th street sinkor, Monrovia Liberia, or send by email to with clear indication of position being applied for. Due to the high volume of applications, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Deadline for the submission of Application is on or before February 7th 2014 at the end of the working day.
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